Biological Sequence Search

Biological Sequence Search relates to finding a specific arrangement of DNA / RNA / Amino Acids in a given patent or non-patent document. We at Sagacious IP are committed to provide high-quality, reliable and cost-effective biological sequence search services to clients.

Having conducted over 500+ biological structure searches, Sagacious IP has earned vast experience in the critical area of Biological Sequence Searching and enjoys 100% client retention rate.

All our Biological Sequence Searches are focused around biological sequences viz. DNA, RNA & Peptide sequences to provide fully indexed records using standardized terminology alongside full bibliographic data of all biological sequence information from patents.

Why Sagacious?

  • 8+ Years of Business, 125+ Full Time Searchers, 30+ Tech Areas, 50+ Biological Sequence Searches / month.
  • Multi-lingual (16+ Languages) capabilities covering 100+ Countries.
  • Search results to help draft applications that not only cover current state-of-the-art but all possible future infringements.
  • Multiple variants to match your budget and completeness requirements.
  • Searches and manual analysis conducted by subject matter experts, reports includes expert comments on each prior-art.
  • Quick turnaround to secure the earliest priority date.


Data Sources

Thomson Innovation, Thomson PatentWeb, Questel Orbit, LexisNexis Total Patent, Derwent, National Patent Databases of Individual (100+) Countries, Patent Lens... See the complete list >>

Tech Domains

Biotechnology, Immunology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Genomics, Proteomics, RDNA technology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Genetics/Genetic Engineering, Recombinant DNA, Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Food/Dairy Industry... See the complete list >>


Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, EPO, WPO, Sweden, Finland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Britain, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Turkey, Belarus, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Czecho-Slovakia, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Yugoslavia... See the complete list >>



Major Asian Languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, etc)

Most European Languages (German, French, Spanish, Italian, etc)


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