Novelty / Patentability Search

Ascertain whether a potential invention is novel or not with a comprehensive, thorough and efficient Novelty Search provided by Sagacious IP. A novelty search also called as patentability search is done to assess if the concerned invention meets three fundamental requirements like novelty (new), usefulness, and non-obviousness, before being examined by the respective patent office.

In a short span of 8+ years Sagacious IP has established itself as one of the renowned names in the patent search arena. It is one of the most widely engaged IP research firms that have completed more than 4000 projects from various verticals of the industry.

Why Sagacious?

  • 8+ Years of Business, 125+ Full Time Searchers, 30+ Tech Areas, 100+ Patentability Searches / month.
  • Multi-lingual (16+ Languages) capabilities covering 100+ Countries.
  • Wide patent and non-patent literature coverage (scientific literature, journal articles, conference papers, TKDL library and many more).
  • Search results to help draft applications that not only cover current state-of-the-art but all possible future infringements.
  • Multiple variants to match your budget and completeness requirements.
  • Searches and manual analysis conducted by subject matter experts, reports includes expert comments on each prior-art.
  • Quick turnaround to secure the earliest priority date.


Data Sources

Thomson Innovation, Thomson PatentWeb, Questel Orbit, LexisNexis Total Patent, Derwent, National Patent Databases of Individual (100+) Countries, Patent Lens... See the complete list >>

Tech Domains

Biotechnology, Immunology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Genomics, Proteomics, RDNA technology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Genetics/Genetic Engineering, Recombinant DNA, Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Food/Dairy Industry... See the complete list >>


Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, EPO, WPO, Sweden, Finland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Britain, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Turkey, Belarus, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Czecho-Slovakia, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Yugoslavia... See the complete list >>



Major Asian Languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, etc)

Most European Languages (German, French, Spanish, Italian, etc)


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