CAR T-Cell Therapy – All Global Innovations, Patents & Inventions – A Complete Handbook

CAR T-Cell Therapy: It is exceptionally expanding for hematologic malignancies and solid tumors. but how new entrants are strategizing to acclimatize in the IP ecosystem? Here is the complete handbook having the all information about Global Innovations, Patents & Inventions about the Chimeric Antigen Receptor CAR T-cell Therapy.

How this Handbook will Help?

For Research (Academic/ Corporate) Teams:

  • Solve your technical problems/ hurdles by identifying, implementing and improvising any of the existing technical solutions applied to a similar problem in the past
  • Identify other research groups working in the same domain – collaborate/compete efficiently
  • Identify sponsors – enterprises that could apply the university-generated breakthroughs into new products and services
  • Find additional applications of your invention
  • Avoid reinventing the wheel and quickly answer the question pertaining to ‘Technology development Vs. Technology acquisition’
  • Get ideas for further innovation by identifying white spaces and technology discontinuities
  • Get involved with patent agents/ attorneys in patent preparation process to create most defensible and enforceable patents quickly

For Product Development Teams:

  • Identify major markets
  • Identify your competitors by markets/jurisdictions
  • Monitor and identify alternative industries having potential
  • Applications of your product
  • Identify existing collaboration

For People Making Investment Decisions:

  • Identify new investment opportunities in early-stages by observing rates of patenting activity in the various sector
  • Develop strong cases for new R&D projects by observing competitive patenting activities
  • Identify the right jurisdictions to make the investment in a given technology sector

For Hiring (Human Resource Management):

  • Gather intelligence on key industry experts and competitor employees and use this information in relation to hiring and identifying experts
  • Identify potential employees by looking at key inventors working independently and/or with academic institutes
  • Identify potential employees by looking at key examiners involved with a given technology domain
  • Identify consultant in relation to specific technical/ business problem in a domain
  • Identify pertinent jurisdictions (states/ countries) where researchers are abundant
  • Identify major law firms involved with filing and prosecution in a given technology sector as targets for external/ in-house IP consultants

For Mergers and Acquisitions:

  • Identify better targets for mergers and acquisitions
  • Understand the technical synergy possible between your company and the target by examining the comparison between your companies’ portfolio and competitors’ portfolio.

For Legal/ IP counseling:

  • Easily identify major IP stumbling blocks (dark spaces) in a technology domain of client’s operation
  • Identify industry segments where patent portfolio coverage of the client could be extended
  • Draft better inventions (optimized scoped) and prosecute efficiently
  • Provide specific direction about whether to pursue an invention, defensively publish the idea as a technical publication, or keep the invention a trade secret
  • Determine patenting strategy of major players in a given domain (jurisdictions, type of claims, patent maintenance, etc.)
  • Identify major law firms/agents involved in the given domain

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