Celebrate Being A BITSian With Sagacious Research

Sagacious Research is a global Intellectual Property solutions company helping over 600 clients in simple Prior Art searches to complicated Licensing Support & Patent Analytics. Thus aiding clients take informed & profitable decisions.

Tarun K. Bansal, Co-founder & Director at Sagacious Research, holds a master’s degree in biology from BITS Pilani (Batch of 2001). He is an entrepreneur, biologist and an IPR Professional with almost a decade long experience. He is now on a mission to bring Innovation Revolution in India with his friend & Co-founder Anant Kataria.

On the special occasion of BITSians’ Day Tarun & Sagacious Research are offering the following benefits to all BITSians:

#Free consultation to tech innovators

Tell us what you’d like to do with your technology and we’ll put together a customized plan to help you get what you want out of your technology. We will use our technical expertise to help you gain.

#Contingency model for worthy innovations/products

Our contingency model will help you to develop your invention, make a commercially feasible product out of it and if you succeed, only then will share profit.

Contact Tarun at: tarun.bansal@sagaciousresearch.com

Celebrate Being A BITSian – Happy BITSians’ Day!

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