Claim Chart Example – Template Sample

claim chart is a widely used device in patent infringement litigation.

The patent law gives patentee full rights over their innovation. In case of any Patent Infringement the patent holder may seek reliefs.

Sagacious IP Evidence of Use / Claim Chart services offer you mapping your claim elements and right interpretation of claim construction.

 This report contains:-

  1. Infringing standard Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
  2. A patent overview, representative product and claim with explanation.
  3. An explanation of the features especially related to network and connectivity and how to access them in the phone.
  4. Representative claim explained alongside with all the features of the product for better understanding.
  5. Visual explanation with labels are provided to better understand the technical details and the design of the product.
  6. A commentary brief on each page for better understanding.
  7. All the hardware and software details of the product.

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