Complete Specification of Patents

Complete Specification of Patents – A complete specification document is necessary to obtain a patent. It reveals the details of the invention for which the patent protection is required. The document is techno-legal and comprises of complete scientific information of the invention and claims. Therefore, the legal rights of a patent are based on the disclosures made in the specification. You must be careful while drafting the claims in the complete specifications. Also, the revelation of the invention must be made in simple words such that a person of similar field of technology can replicate and perform the invention. The complete specification has following elements:

  • Title of Invention
  • Field of Invention to which it belongs
  • Background – must include prior art providing drawbacks of the existing inventions and practices
  • Summary of Invention
  • Brief description of drawings
  • Description of invention including experimental results
  • Examples if any
  • Specific embodiments if any
  • Abstract
  • Claims – the statement that cover the points of the invention for which the protection is being applied.
  • Drawing / diagram / flow-chart for understanding the invention

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