Recorded Webinar Available “F3 Analysis: A Solution for Strategic Optimization of Patent Portfolio”

Key-points covered in the webinar (F3 Analysis: A Solution for Strategic Optimization of Patent Portfolio ) session:

The current economic slowdown, due to COVID-19, has forced companies to re-think their strategies for patents due to budget cuts in the IP departments.

Hence, it is imperative for IP departments to lower their overall cost and increase the revenue generated by patents thereby hedging losses.

F3 analysis provides a framework to derive such objectives for IP departments. This framework aims to provide macro level insights on patent portfolios, while ensuring to generate value from each and every patent.

By the end of the analysis, the following information is identifiable:

a. Which patents to let go
1. Should the patents be abandoned OR
2. Should the patents be sold to the someone who could use it (and hence pays for it)
b. Which ones to keep
1. Which patents are core to your business
i. Product Protecting Patents
ii. Competition Covering Patents
2. Patents that have high probability of implementation in the future
3. Patents that could be non-core but generate additional revenue sources with almost no risk
c. How can companies further benefit from the intelligence drawn from such analysis in making strategic decisions
1. Better Cross Licensing Negotiation
2. Counter Assertion
3. Directed Prosecution

This webinar would cover the overall workflow of implementing the F3 analysis framework.

At the same time there are implementation level details that would be covered as a series of secondary webinars. These include:
a. Portfolio Pruning: Realizing immediate cost savings (Scheduled for May 7th)
b. Monetizing Patents: Selling vs Licensing, Core vs Non-core (Scheduled for May 14th)
c. Directed Prosecution: Generating future value from your portfolio (Scheduled for May 21st)

Hosted by:

Arshjot Singh Gill, Manager – ICT, Sagacious IP
Rachita Goel, Asst. Manager – ICT, Sagacious IP

Vaibhav Henry, EVP – ICT, Sagacious IP

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