founder India – TOP HR Trends of 2021

The current crisis has forced the industry to understand and finally accept that Work-from-Home works and working from home can also lead to an efficient & productive workforce. This sudden and quick adjustment has allowed many companies to drastically save on operational costs and this will ensure that remote working is here to stay. However, as the pandemic continues and the search for vaccine goes on there is another peril visible and a solution for that will be needed as well. The peril being managing working hours while working from home. Over the next year, the focus will be on teaching employees to balance the dual responsibility of home and office and create a framework around productive working hours. 

With working virtually not an issue, companies will now be able to cast their nets wider and look for employees from regions that they may not have looked at in the past. This will help recruiters in hiring the best of the talent based on technical skills without keeping work locations in mind. Also, another thing to look out for will be location-based compensation structures. These will work its way into contracts soon and will be based upon the city (metro or non-metro) the employee will be working out of.

HR’s focus in the coming year will also be on providing a better digital experience while conducting the interviews and during onboarding processes. Given the opportunities where learning material and training platforms are all available at the click of a button now, the organization’s focus will shift towards training their employees and taking their Learning & Development programs to the next level.

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