The Importance of Patent Drawing Software – Webinar

Patent drawing software is essential for creating patent drawings which are a critical part of the patent process. Moreover, software helps to obtain high quality drawings. Thus, if we use the most appropriate software based on input, it effectively reduces the time and/or cost involved.

Therefore, this webinar introduces attendees to patent drawing software and also help them select the appropriate software or output format based on input and more.

Key-points covered in the webinar (The Importance of Patent Drawing Software) Session

  1. Firstly, it covers the techniques required for preparing drawings using appropriate software.
  2. Moreover, it discovers how the patented drawing output format help with the additional process of product development.
  3. Further, it covers various insights about selecting the software/requested format.
  4. Additionally, it displays how you can view various design format files.
  5. Lastly, it unleashes the software that are available to create patent drawings. Finally, it ends up emphasizing on why software selection is important.

Key-note Speakers

Chandra Prakash, Quality Manager, Sagacious IP
Rishabh Arora, Sr. Illustrator, Sagacious IP


Gavin, Business Account Manager, Sagacious IP

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