Introducing LivePat ™ – AI Based Prior-Art Search

Topic: Introducing LivePat ™ – AI Based Prior-Art Search. Businesses often struggle to prepare an exhaustive list of keywords and classes to search for prior-art relevant to subject matter. Hence, by adopting an AI based patent search tool, companies can be successful in implementing an effective business model.

Sagacious IP introduces LivePAT ™, an AI-based patent search tool that helps you navigate through pressing situations. Moreover, it helps you find the right solutions to those situations. Therefore, by adopting this technology, businesses can find innovative solutions to your daily IP requirements.

This novel tool is also useful in the following scenarios:

Requirement of background references to draft an application and submit them in IDS facing budget constraints for a full-fledged patentability search.
When you are on the verge of filing a patent application but do not have time to go for a conventional patentability search and wait for the analysis for come back.

With Amplified APIs at the backend, LivePAT™ – a handy ‘pay per use’ search tool specially for IP lawyers works so that you can spend less time searching and more time drafting better claims which improve the overall quality of the patent application.

Furthermore, the webinar helps you know how Amplified algorithms allow you to get quality prior-art for a fraction of time. Thus, you get to know more about the upcoming enhancements in the algorithm to adapt for upcoming challenges.

Reasons to Explore LivePat ™ – AI Based Prior-Art Search

  1. Ease in identification of keywords and search terms
  2. No subscription – pay per search access @149 $/search
    Prompt results – in MS excel

Guest Speaker

Samuel Davis, CEO & Founder, Amplified

Key-note Speakers

Prateek Mohunta, COO, Sagacious IP
Sumit Prasad, Group Manager, Sagacious IP


October 7, 2020


9 AM EDT | 6.30 PM IST | 3 PM CET

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