Monitoring Competitors’ Patents and Products – Webinar

Webinar Topic: How to Effectively Monitor Competitors’ Patents and Products to Strategize Better & Identify Opportunities Timely!

Key Points covered in the webinar (Monitoring Competitors’ Patents) session:

  • Monitoring competitors’ patent portfolio provides forecasts related to their upcoming moves and aids in preparedness.
  • Tracking overall competition and not just the known competitor is helpful in identifying new entrants or entrants from a different market which may pose a threat.
  • Continuously monitoring competitors’ patents provides a comprehensive view of consumer preferences and response in current competition. Furthermore, it helps in identifying untapped potential and assessing opportunities.
  • Being updated about competitors provides insights into factors that do not work for them and should be avoided or considered for your own business.

Key-note Speaker:

Devika Saini, Assistant Manager LSC, Sagacious IP


Ram Tenneti, EVP, Sagacious IP

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