An Approach to Mitigate Risks and Improve Commercial Strategy – By Monitoring Patents During Prosecution and Litigation – Webinar

Webinar Topic

An Approach to Mitigate Risks and Improve Commercial Strategy – By Monitoring Patents During Prosecution and Litigation. Several patent applications are filed globally every year in a particular technical domain and therefore to minimize risks, a strategy involving monitoring patents at different stages of its prosecution is critical.

Legal Status Monitoring Helps In

  • Keeping a track of status of self and others’ Patent applications and Patents
  • Being updated about the upcoming opportunities and potential threats from the filed patents.
  • Tracking and filing against the Patent or Patent applications that might be infringed and are filed in the area of interest.
  • Keeping track of prosecution events for the patents in own portfolio.
  • Identifying abandoned and expired Patents and strategize its use in future.
  • Tracking expired and abandoned patents that enables to pinpoint inventions that are soon to be available in the public domain and are safe to use.
  • Monitoring the current status of prosecution for newly published patent applications as well as any post-grant events for issued patents, such as a request for continued examination (RCE), a post-grant review (PGR), or maintenance status.
    Litigation Patent monitoring provides update regarding litigation of a company’s or competitors’ patents from PTAB, RPX or other courts.

Key-points Covered in this Webinar

  1. Different aspects of legal status & litigation monitoring and how to use the information obtained through monitoring.
  2. How does the legal status monitoring help in risk mitigation, in tracking IP, commercialization, and building IP.
  3. How can expired/ abandoned patents be tracked and utilize freely available technology in building up their own IP.
  4. Case Studies on How Sagacious IP helped its Clients in monitoring legal status for effective strategic decisions.


Ram Tenneti, EVP, Sagacious IP

Key-note Speaker

Key-note Speaker: Pooja Chhikara, Assistant Manager LSC, Sagacious IP

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