Client Stories: How We Supported a Renowned Defensive Patent Aggregator

Recently, one of our esteemed clients contacted us regarding a crucial project. The client, a famous defensive patent aggregator headquartered in London, UK, is primarily involved in offering an innovative platform designed to help businesses overcome the IP risks of the digital economy. They needed help from us in their endeavor to set up a licensing program in IT infrastructure for the portfolios of major IT technology companies.[Explore Our Service: Patentability Search]

But before we get into the intricacies of the project, let’s discuss what patent aggregator is. A Patent aggregator is essentially an individual or organization who buys patents and patent rights on behalf of their investors, e.g. inventors and manufacturers who pay a fee to alleviate both the risk and the cost of lawsuit on the innovations protected by these patents. A sub-category of patent aggregators, the defensive patent aggregators (DPAs), purchase patents or patent rights to ensure those patents steer clear of entities that use them against operating or inventor companies.1 These DPAs are extensively used by big organizations which frequently try to file, buy and pool patents which are important to their business. [Explore Our Service: Freedom to Operate Search]

The Project of Patent Aggregator

In the said project, the client wanted us to help them in setting up a licensing program in IT infrastructure for the portfolios of major IT technology companies. For this, they asked us to undertake the following tasks:

  • To cost-effectively identify potential patents from a portfolio of around 1000 patents.
  • To create high quality pitch books and showcase the value of the portfolio to the potential users/licensees.
  • Here potential users are those entities that are using the infringing products. So, a research needed to be done on which institutes (financial, medical, etc.) are using these products. The idea was to help them mitigate the risk involved in using these products by offering a license to the patent pool.
  • To flexibly adjust the deliverables based on the client’s dynamic requirements to showcase risk for potential users.
  • To generate quality claim charts for the identified potential cases.

After a deep-dive research on the licensing program in IT infrastructure, we followed a multi-pronged approach to examine a large patent portfolio to identify workable assets by giving quality indicators on the breadth of claims, ease of evidence identification and forward citations count. In order to achieve this, the company formed an in-house team to identify potential cases in the given portfolio where the technology was overlapping with market products. Based on the result of this in-depth analysis, the client recommended generating a pitch book for the identified cases. Essentially, the pitch book demonstrated the use of technology in the market products and use of these products by potential users (financial institutes and like). [Explore Our Service: Patent Paralegal Service]

The Impact

We believe in delivering targeted results as results really matter. And as assured, we delivered timely and top-notch results to the client. The approach of identifying workable assets in a quick manner in this regard was highly appreciated. We also decided to go the extra mile and deliver a detailed analysis wherein the very high cases were segregated from the high cases, ensuring that the client could choose the cases to be taken forward. [Explore Our Service: Invalidity Search]

The quality of the pitch book offered by us instilled such confidence in the client that they decided to give us multiple portfolios to be researched and add more potential cases to the master pitch book. Moreover, the client also showed interest in being a part of our FTE engagement after being satisfied with the quality of our work.

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– Abhinav Mahajan, Aman Goyal and The Editorial Team

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