Recorded Webinar Available “Patent Portfolio Pruning: Realizing Immediate Cost Savings “

Key-points covered in the webinar ( Patent Portfolio Pruning: Realizing Immediate Cost Savings) session:

  1. Are corporates’ vast intangible asset inventories 100% significant and acceptable?
  2. Are IP managers and Heads of IP actively and radically examining the options and using this current economic slowdown as an opportunity to cut out expensive deadwood?
  3. How would you decide on which patents to let go in the budget-cuts due to economic slowdown?
  4. How can companies employ efficient, data-driven processes to create meaningful savings and returns from what is not valuable to their organization?


Key-note Speaker:

Amit Kumar, Asst. Manager – ICT, Sagacious IP


Vaibhav Henry, EVP – ICT Licensing & Searching, Sagacious IP

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More details about this webinar:

The current economic slowdown due to COVID-19 is slowly but surely pointing towards recession. This crisis will affect companies differently depending on their sector and size, and depending on the size of their IP portfolios and the importance of intangible assets for the company. However, overall, it would force companies to rethink their strategies for patents due to budget cuts in the IP departments.

This webinar is aimed at discussing the activities that can answer the above questions to realize immediate cost savings. Patent Pruning is a process of identifying patents which can be shed-off. It needs an in-depth understanding of the business and IP objectives of a company such that no valuable patent is lost.