Patent Valuation Made Easy with Hybrid Approach! – Webinar

Patents being intangible assets pose a challenge in determining their true value. Companies or inventors cannot negotiate a deal, i.e., M&A, licensing, or sale of patents, without knowing their true value. Patent Valuation, therefore, is pivotal in determining a company’s success.

Key-points covered in this webinar (Patent Valuation Made Easy with Hybrid Approach!)-

  1. A brief overview of different patents valuation methods.
  2. Why is valuation of patents required?
  3. Sagacious IP’s proprietary approach to value a patent portfolio.
  4. How the valuation of a patent portfolio can be done cost-effectively.

Key-note Speakers

Aman Goyal, Assistant Manager – ICT Licensing, Sagacious IP
Abhinav Mahajan, Group Manager – ICT Licensing, Sagacious IP


Faiz Wahid, Regional Head – Europe, Sagacious IP

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