Recorded Webinar Available “Performing Prior-Art Search in Pharmaceutical Domain – A Structured Approach”

Key-points covered in the webinar (Performing Prior-Art Search in Pharmaceutical Domain – A Structured Approach ) session:

  1. Differences in performing different type of prior-art searches in Pharmaceutical Domain
  2. Considerations for performing prior-art search in Pharmaceutical Domains (Structure Search + Keyword Based Searching)
  3. Considerations for analysing patents


Key-note speakers:

Pooja Chhikara, Project Manager LSC, Sagacious IP
Harsha Agarwal , Project Manager LSC, Sagacious IP


Ram Tenetti, EVP, Sagacious IP,

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More details about this webinar:

Prior-Art Searching in Pharmaceutical domains involve challenges, such as:

  1. Searching through the references disclosing the compound by its IUPAC Name, common names, salts of the compound of interest, compound’s exact structure, compound’s Markush Structure.
  2. The compound might be considered in its crystalline or enantiomeric forms.
  3. The role of inactive agents in the composition.
  4. Whether the formulation or the composition needs to be searched.
  5. Whether the route of administration/ or use is important for searching.
  6. A single Markush structure can evolve into millions of similar compounds;  and therefore, the above pointers make searching in these domains more complicated and needs a structured approach.