Recorded Webinar Available: “Top 10 Evaluation Metrics to Select an IP Search Partner in 2020”

Key Points covered in this Webinar (Top 10 Evaluation Metrics to Select an IP Search Partner in 2020) Session:

  1. Important parameters of evaluating your IP search partner that are relevant in 2020
  2. Parameters that may appear relevant – but are not that relevant, at least in 2020
  3. Pointers to enable you to get more from your existing search providers
  4. How the right search partner can help you impact your topline, bottom-line and intellectual asset value

Hosted by:

  1. Anant Kataria, CEO of Sagacious IP
  2. Ben Pezzlo, President at Search-Center

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More details about this webinar:

As someone responsible for serving the patent searching needs of your organization:

• Have you ever had a hard time picking one out of the multiple IP search / research suppliers available in the market? With options including local US-based search teams, overseas search teams, multi-lingual search teams, AI-based search tools – have you ever thought you might choose the wrong supplier and miss out on the next big thing?
• Have you ever wondered whether you are getting the best outcome from your search provider for your money?
• Have you ever been concerned that your competitors’ search partners are helping impact their topline, bottom-line and intellectual asset value?