Role of Patent Information for Small-Scale Industries

All the information that is contained in a patent document is equally relevant and beneficial for all. The fact that a patent document and its information are only useful to an inventor or scientist is not true. It holds equal importance for businesses and industries of all size.In this article, we will learn every part of patent document to understand the role of patent information for small-scale industries.

Let us have a look at the most important parts of a patent document and what do they signify. A patent document is essentially made of the following:

Title: The title of a patent document demonstrates the invention which has been granted patent in short.

Abstract: The abstract of a patent document gives a precise description of the invention. All the important technical features are included under this section.

Description: As the name suggests, this part contains all details of the invention. It is thoroughly drafted in a way that describes how the invention works.

Drawings: This part contains the detail diagrams or sketches of the invention. The diagrams are drawn in such a way that it describes all the parts of the granted invention.

Claims: This is the backbone of any patent application or document. This section defines the limitation of an invention. In simpler words, the patentee has the right to debar you from making, selling or manufacturing the things that are described specifically in the Claims. Also, the claims helps you to know whether the invention is liable to infringing some other patented products.

Patent Information for Small-Scale Industries

The patent information (technical and legal information contained in patent documents that are published periodically by patent offices, WIPO) contains only about 15% of the total information that is available in a patent document. Patent information is never published elsewhere. However, patent information carries significance and is of immense help for small and medium sized industries apart from business. They are benefitted by patent as it helps them understand the current technology, provides knowledge as to how the path should be paved business and other strategic planning. The ways in which a SME or business is benefitted can be understood from the following points:

  • It will cut down the unnecessary cost of searching for a product that is already available in the market or an invention which is already known to public.
  • Technology evaluation for licensing or transfer of technology.
  • You will get to know or find out substitute of a technology.
  • The most relevant and current technology can be known which is related to your desired field of work.
  • You can plan and get solution to your technical problems.
  • You will always have the scope of getting new ideas.
  • You will get to know about the commercial applicability of an invention or of your desired field of expertise.
  • It will help you locate prospective business partners.
  • You can also locate suppliers for your business.
  • You can track the patenting activities of your potential competitors.
  • Avoid patent infringement.
  • You can legally object grant of patents of other entities if they conflict with that of yours.
  • And, the most important of all- you can assess whether your invention or product is patentable or not.

Taking use of patent information effectively helps in success of industry or business of any size as it serves as a knowledge capsule.

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