Press Release: Sagacious IP launches IP Tools Hub – A Comprehensive Directory of Global IP Tools

The directory will enable stakeholders in the IP ecosystem to utilize a global repository of tools which cater to the automation problems within the industry

GURUGRAM, INDIA, September 20, 2021 / — Sagacious IP, a global intellectual property research and consulting firm recently launched an ‘IP Tools Hub’ – A comprehensive IP tools platform carefully designed to cater to automation within the IP industry.

Sagacious IP’s ‘IP Tools Hub’ has potential to revolutionize the entire IP landscape by listing various IP tools required to automate time consuming IP processes. The platform aims to classify a diverse set of IP tools with respect to their usage, base technology as well as the founder’s profile. It also provides a compare feature and a reviews section which can help users to qualitatively weigh one IP tool against the other. This searchable directory could prove to be a ‘Bible for IP departments’ in the future.

The IP Tools Hub was launched during a webinar conducted by IAM Media on 15th September where Sumit Prasad, Group Manager – Technology and Innovation of Sagacious IP, Andrew Basile of Young Basile Hanlon & MacFarlane, P.C., Shawn Lillemo of Harrity & Harrity, LLP, and Umesh Amin of UiPath, joined in as speakers to discuss the integration and adaption of the new age tools in IP workflows.

Khushbir Singh, IPR Commercialization Manager, Ericsson, emphasized on the need that large corporations have, when it comes to automating IP processes. Pointing on the need for such an initiative, he said, “Having all these tools under one roof would be very helpful. One thing which I liked in IP Tools Hub is the ‘Compare’ like this feature. Various tool vendors reach out to us but it is necessary to evaluate strengths of tools before implementing and comparing with other tools. In this case, IP Tools Hub would be a best bet for companies like us.”

Talking about business challenges that law firms face, Andrew R. Basile, President and IP attorney at Young Basile, added, “We are focused on 2 or 3 things. One is cost because the prices in our industry are relatively flat, and the costs are rising rapidly. So, we need to do more with less. Even more important thing we are focused on is the client service. We want to thrill and delight our clients while reducing the cost to do so.”

Commenting on the need for automated tools in the IP industry, Shawn Lillemo, Software and Product Leader at Harrity and Harrity LLP, said, “There’s a lot of uncertainty right now but the law firms that do it right are going to thrive and the firms that don’t, really are faced with an existential crisis.”

Echoing these views was Umesh Amin, Global Head of IP, UiPath, Inc., said, “Having this common repository of IP Tools and then vendors updating it, is, I think, a valuable initiative on part of Sagacious for the benefit of IP community.”

Commenting on the launch of the database, Sumit Prasad, Group Manager, Technology & Innovation, Sagacious IP, said, “We are a part of automation journey for a lot of our clients as we implement and solve some of their IT for IP problems. We believe that we have a skilled team to help companies migrate from the current phase of IP to the next generation of IP, as we call it. That’s the cornerstone of our IT for IP initiative”.

‘IP Tools Hub’ provides a common-floor for all those associated with the industry to make use of these next-generation, robust tool system that has the potential to automate time-consuming human processes within the IP industry. Sagacious IP is determined to drive innovation through its IT for IP initiative. Its cost-effective and comprehensive solutions has helped increase the efficiency and accuracy of IP workflows.

To know more about “IP Tools Hub”, click here.

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Originally published on dated 20th September, 2021.

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