Recorded Webinar Available “Top Tips to Comprehensively Search Indian Patents”

Key Points Covered in this Webinar (Top Tips to Comprehensively Search Indian Patents) Session:

  1. How accurate are the IPC classifications bucketed by Indian Examiners?
  2. How efficient is the keyword-based search on various databases for Indian patents and on official Indian patent search engine?
  3. How efficient is the assignee search on various databases for Indian Patents?

Key-note Speakers:
Manish Sinha, Chief Technology Officer, Gridlogics
Ginish George, Director Operations, Relecura
Kavita Poddar, Senior IP Director, Questel Orbit
Rohit Joshi, Manager, Sagacious IP
Rajat Gulati, SBU Head, Sagacious IP

Moderated by:

Tanmay Mittal, Head – IP Solutions – India Region, Sagacious IP

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More details about this webinar:

As the Indian economy is growing and more and more companies are targeting India for their business expansion, searching patents filed in India is becoming more and more crucial. However, searching Indian patent comprehensively is always a challenge. Some basic questions patent searchers, globally, often encounter when searching for relevant Indian patents include

• Are IPCs on Indian patents correctly tagged?
• Can I trust the IPC based searches for comprehensively covering Indian Patents?
• Is assignee information reliable?
• What is the best method to conduct a search to capture relevant Indian patent? IPC only, IPC + keyword, Keyword only, etc?
• Which are the best databases for searching Indian patent information comprehensively?
• Is legal status detail on various databases updated and comprehensive?