Top 5 Ways in which IP Law Firms Boost Business Growth

Intellectual property (IP) law firms are a critical component of the IP Industry. These entities take full responsibility for managing legal issues related to the ‘IP’ of organizations. Therefore, companies often partner with IP law firms to obtain quality results and make time for their core areas of responsibility. This article enlists the top five ways in which IP Law firms induce business growth for organizations. Let us begin by understanding the importance of IP law firms.

The Relevance of IP Law Firms

Be it IP licensing, patenting, technology transfers or trade secrets, IP law firms deal with all legal issues related to intellectual property. Moreover, some IP law firms operate with high-end technological interfaces that are time-saving and allow easy control of daily IP law operations. Furthermore, they make propositions for business organizations to boost their growth.

Keeping in mind the increasing number of patents and licensing issues due to globalization and rapid expansion of businesses, the importance of IP law firms has only increased. Entrepreneurial start-ups are growing in numbers with unique yet often similar innovative designs, processes or product inventions. Therefore, this contrast has resulted in several lawsuits related to intellectual property rights. Due to this, outsourcing IP management is often considered beneficial for organizations.

How IP Law Firms Boost Business Growth

IP law firms not only allow businesses to manage their IP legal issues effectively but also enable them to boost their business revenue. The figure below lists 5 points on how IP law firms enable companies to grow.

Figure: How IP law firms boost business growth

1. Expert Legal Consultation

Since intellectual property forms the backbone of several organizations in the modern business ecosystem, legal issues like infringement and litigation are a constant cause of worry for such organizations. Outsourcing the management of these IP law-related issues to a law firm enables businesses to avail expert consultation on IP laws of the region and fight cases concerning intellectual property.

2. Resources to Battle IP Lawsuits

Visual or written patent documentations with patent approving authorities are liable to duplication and leaks, which can result in intellectual property infringement case that can be filed with the legal system. For instance, IP lawsuits pertaining to patents have been on the rise. Hence, when an organization is equipped with support from a renowned IP law firm, such setbacks can be avoided or remedied easily. With the help of IP law firms’ expertise and knowledge, organizations can be better equipped to win legal battles related to patents and licensing.

3. Safeguard Against IP Disasters

An IP law firm helps organizations to stay away from intellectual property disasters like potential lawsuits and other business scandals that they can fall prey to. Businesses with varied IP portfolios are likely to get entangled in such IP lawsuits. Therefore, assistance from a renowned IP law firm can safeguard them against these litigations and boost their business.

4. Protection for the Brand Name of Organizations

IP law firms enhance the ‘business goal fulfillment process’ of organizations by protecting the brand name of any given company. For example, a well-established brand might face competition from a duplicator attempting to replicate either their products, processes or services. In such a case, an IP law firm can take immediate legal action against these organizations and ensure the longevity of the brand value of its partner firm.

5. Extracting Better Value from IP Assets

Intellectual property comprises patents, trademarks, copyright and trade secrets. Businesses need assistance from IP law firms to deal with the legal issues associated with IP and to realize their long-term company goals. The services provided by IP law firms enable organizations to derive better value from their intellectual property assets. IP assets are extremely important for modern organizations. Therefore, IP law firms facilitate much-needed control over these assets, allowing firms to grow their business.

The Role We Play 

It is evident that IP law firms play a crucial role in protecting innovations and creative works. Furthermore, they allow businesses to win legal battles such as those related to patent infringements. Also, these firms help companies establish the rights to operate or manufacture a new product, service or design. In the process, these legal firms boost the business growth of organizations by enabling them to keep their IP assets such as licenses and patent portfolios aligned with their business objectives. Therefore, it is advisable that large, medium and small scale business organizations form strong partnerships with experienced IP law consultants or companies.

Sagacious IP is a global IP research and consulting company that assists law firms in non-core IP functions such as patent information searching and patent monetization. Our team of highly qualified IP consultants is also capable of providing cost-effective and result-oriented IP litigation support.

– Vaibhav Henry (ICT Licensing & Sales) and the Editorial Team

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