Webinar “10 Ways to Ensure Your Patent Drawings are Rejection Proof”

Key points to be Covered in the Webinar (10 Ways to Ensure Your Patent Drawings are Rejection Proof) Session:

  • Why Patent Drawings are so Important?
  • Format of Patent drawings – Sheet size and Margin areas.
  • What should be used – Photocopy, Color OR Black & White line drawings?
  • What Font style and size can be used?
  • Figure arrangements and their sequences?
  • Quick coverage on INVITATION TO CORRECT DEFECTS – to understand the physical requirements.

Key-note Speakers
Hemant Kumar- Sr. Manager – Illustration Team, Sagacious IP
Ankur Sharma- Sr. Patent Illustrator, Sagacious IP

Anchored By
Nick Martin- Business Development, Sales – Patent and Trademark, Sagacious IP

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More details about this Webinar:

The patent application is imperfect without patent drawings.
The importance of patent drawings and the pain of getting rejections from the examiner are covered in this topic.
We have discussed the checklist that covers the key points of “INVITATION TO CORRECT DEFECTS” to make you ahead of any patent drawings rejections.

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