Webinar “Best Practices For Conducting Design Patent Searches”

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Searching patents on a patent database is an art followed by experience and technical expertise of the searcher. For this, one must know how to effectively search patents using technical keywords, various operators, and prior experience. However, in case of Industrial design search, one cannot rely on keywords as the design can have a different title than expected. For instance, a design patent for corkscrew that is used for opening wine bottles can use the title “sommelier knife” or “waiter’s friend” and it becomes tricky to capture such patents using general keyword-based search. Therefore, it is crucial to create an efficient search strategy to ensure the comprehensiveness of search.

Key-points to be covered in the webinar “Best Practices For Conducting Design Patent Searches” session:

  1. How to decide if a design search is needed.
  2. Design patent databases that are available in the market.
  3. What is Keyword-based design search? Does it work on Design patent search?
  4. What is Classification-based search? Does IPC or CPC Classification work for a design search?
  5. Date Restrictions – How to ensure optimal date coverage.

Key-note speaker

Rohit Kumar, Assistant Manager, Sagacious IP


Tanmay Mittal, IP Head, Sagacious IP

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