Webinar “Best Practices in Innovation Management – Boosting R&D ROI”

Key-points covered in this webinar (Best Practices in Innovation Management – Boosting R&D ROI) session:

  • Are you investing your time, money and energy, just for the sake of creating something or is it really solving a problem that impacts your business and relevant market?
  • Does idea submission seem a burden to your team?
  • Are your inventors submitting quality disclosures?
  • Are your inventors able to comprehend information present in the landscape analysis report?
  • Is patent landscape report killing inventors’ motive to invent as all they see is a huge volume of documents disclosing their idea?
  • Do you always find your in-house IP team low on bandwidth to pick up additional tasks?

Watch this webinar to go through the best practices of managing the Innovation Life-cycle that would help you in identifying these critical challenges and in solving them to boost your R&D ROI.

Anchored By
Tanmay Mittal, Head – IP Solutions – India Region, Sagacious IP

Key-note Speakers
Sumit Prasad, Group Manager, Sagacious IP

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More details about this webinar:

Top global economists have hinted the onset of economic recession due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from a direct impact on production and sales there would be an indirect impact on supporting functions such as IP. Thus, R&D centres and CoEs may face budget cuts on NPD and IP activities.
However, there is a silver lining – it is the right time for optimization of existing processes and implementation of global best practises that ensure that the IP department survives budget cuts.IP departments would agree that the process of managing the Innovation Lifecycle is often an unstructured territory which could benefit from support of experienced external consultants.

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