Best Practices to conduct Mechanical Prior-Art Searches – Webinar

For every business unit, it is crucial to conduct a quality prior art search before filing a patent to avoid the rejection of patent during the examination phase. Thus, prior art search will help in saving time and money spent on filing the patent and also help the inventor to design or do some modification in the light of existing prior arts to come up with a novel invention which might be patentable.

Key-points Covered in this Webinar (Best Practices to conduct Mechanical Prior-Art Searches) Session:

  1. How to construct optimized/time constrained strategies for mechanical prior art searches?
  2. How is a relevant classification-based search strategy useful in conducting structure-based searches?
  3. How clear structures or figures of the invention makes it easier to search. E.g. customised table.
  4. How NPL or general product search can help you in searching patents?
  5. How an application-based invention can be searched in various other domains? E.g. Nut with an additional chamfering.
  6. When & why an invention needs to be searched for Utility and Design patents?

Key-note Speaker

Shubham Tyagi, Project Manager, Sagacious IP

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