Webinar “Directed Prosecution: Generating Future Value from Your Patent Portfolio”

Key Points to be Covered in the Webinar (Directed Prosecution: Generating Future Value from Your Patent Portfolio) Session:

  • Traditional approach vs. Directed prosecution
  • Developing a patent portfolio organically and strategically
  • Key parameters to consider while doing directed prosecution
  • Key insights generated from the above analysis of directed prosecution and using them to make business decisions

Key-note Speakers

Arshjot Singh Gill, Manager – ICT, Sagacious IP
Rachita Goel, Asst. Manager – ICT, Sagacious IP

Anchored By

Vaibhav Henry, EVP – ICT Licensing & Searching, Sagacious IP

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More details about this Webinar:

In the current times, companies are looking to expand their patent portfolios relatively quickly and inexpensively. To achieve this, all IP leading companies use directed prosecution and continuation filings.

Directed prosecution helps companies achieve multi-prong benefits in terms of patent protection that covers a market or technology more comprehensively and is potentially less susceptible to invalidation in litigation. At the same time, flexible timing for filing continuations allows companies to file continuations based on product developments, market evolution, and the budget. Consequently, at a patent level, the directed prosecution and continuation applications can be used to boost the patent portfolio and provide additional patent protection for the invention, thereby increasing the value of the IP asset.

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