Webinar “Hybrid Patentability SearchesTM – An Innovative Way to Ensure Quality at Significantly Lower Costs and Turnaround”

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We are going through an economic downturn where it is a wise decision to make cost-cuttings on activities that do not give immediate return on investment (ROI). Most organizations think innovation has a long-term ROI and thus stall such activities as soon as a cut is proposed. Register Here

We know that intellectual property (IP) is a bi-product of innovation, but somehow this downturn is also underestimating the essentiality of IP. Many organizations are reaping multi-prong benefits from the patents they had created earlier – whether it is about funding their businesses from loan collaterals or patent monetization. We compared this situation to a similar financial crisis that companies faced back in 2008 and were surprised to see that in 2009 the filing went up for almost all the leading companies. That means the inventors never stopped to innovate and in fact this time was used to conceive cutting edge technology and to grab the opportunities that the downturn created.

However, the question still remains – Is a long-term ROI favorable? We intend to bring a webinar series addressing these concerns of organizations.

The first one is Hybrid Patentability SearchesTM, which is a rational approach of increasing ROI while keeping costs in control. Through this webinar we introduce a working model to refine ideas for inventions conceived in an organization, in a cost-optimized manner such that only valuable ideas go for protection and yet no idea goes waste, with reduced overall cost. We will also look at some AI based tools, our hands-on experience with them and how and when to use them.

This approach has already been well received by some of the most IP conscious firms.

In the series, we will also cover other hybrid models such as Disclosure Preparation and Patent Drafting & Prosecution Support.

Key points to be covered in the webinar:

  1. Impact of a downturn on innovation and patent creation.
  2. Why is it essential to continue innovation through the crisis?
  3. How patent creation can be continued at an optimized cost model?
  4. Business case proving the overall cost of obtaining a patent is reduced.

Key-note Speakers:

  1. Vaibhav Henry, EVP at Sagacious IP
  2. Sumit Prasad, Group Manager at Sagacious IP


Abby Woods, Global Key Accounts Manager, Sagacious IP

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