Webinar “All About 4 Types of Patent and Market Watches + 5 Ways How The Global Market Leaders Use it to Their Benefit”

Key-points Covered in this Webinar (All About 4 Types of Patent & Market Watches + 5 Ways Global Market Leaders Use it to Their Benefit) Session:

  • Different aspects to monitoring and how to use the information obtained through monitoring.
  • How does monitoring help in risk mitigation.
  • How does monitoring helps in strategizing the way ahead for Research and Development.
  • How does monitoring help in commercialization/licensing strategies.
  • Case Studies on How Sagacious Helped its Clients in monitoring domains for effective strategic decisions.

Key-note Speakers
Devika Saini, Assistant Manager LSC, Sagacious IP

Moderated By

Ram Tenneti, EVP, Sagacious IP

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More details about this Webinar:

600,000+ patent applications are filed globally every year in varied technical domains and therefore to compete within the market and minimize risks, a strategy involving monitoring patents and products is vital.

  • Monitoring and analyzing details published through patent offices and in the non-patents, provide extensive information that shall contribute to a company’s growth as well as protection.
  • Monitoring patents helps in keeping oneself up to date in technology areas and helps in being aware of any new developments even years earlier before the actual product comes into the market
  • Monitoring helps in being informed about any new entrants in the domain and what potential threat/ opportunity it might bring
  • Monitoring therefore provides an excellent value to stakeholders and enable decision makers to act
  • Monitoring further enables decision making in determining obsolete technology/patents and corresponding market significance

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