Webinar “Monetizing Patents: Selling vs Licensing, Core vs Non-Core”

Key Points Covered in this Webinar (Monetizing Patents: Selling vs Licensing, Core vs Non-core) Session:

  • Which option is suitable for my business – Selling or Licensing?
  • If selling is preferred, then
    o How to identify which patents to sell?
    o How to find a buyer?
    o How to show the value of the patents to a potential buyer?
    o How to determine the selling price of a patent?
  • If licensing is preferred, then
    o How to identify which patents to license?
    o How to identify potential licensees?
    o How to choose a licensee which won’t counter-assert its portfolio?
    o How to identify deal drivers from the portfolio?
    o How to decide between exclusive vs non-exclusive license?
    o How to determine the apt royalty fees?
  • Brief about importance of buying IP
    o Why this may be a good time to buy IP?

Anchored By
Vaibhav Henry, EVP – ICT Licensing & Searching, Sagacious IP

Key-note Speaker
Aman Goyal, Asst. Manager ICT, Sagacious IP

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More details about this Webinar:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting all aspects of our daily lives. On top of the very real health risk, it is disrupting our social fabric and interrupting ‘business as usual’ operations. Apart from a direct impact on production and sales there would be an indirect impact on supporting functions such as IP. Consequently, R&D centers and CoEs may face budget cuts on NPD and IP activities.

In such a scenario, monetizing patents can be a solution for IP departments to lower their overall cost and increase the revenue generated by patents, thereby hedging losses. Patent monetization can be done by means of sales, licensing and financing based on the value of the patents, among other things, with compensation ranging from upfront or deferred cash, to equity and business partnerships.

This webinar sheds light on learning key issues in patent monetization and how Fortune companies are dealing with them.

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