Webinar “Pains and Perils of NOT Proofreading Your Patents”

Key Points to be Covered in the Webinar “Pains and Perils of NOT Proofreading Your Patents” Session:

  • What is Patent Proofreading
  • Elements of Patent Proofreading
  • Benefits of Patent Proofreading
  • US Patent Proofreading – with USPTO best practices
  • Amendments, incorporations, grammatical mistakes, bibliography details, eye-for-detail – all covered under Patent Proofreading.

Hosted By

Melvyn Thomas, Head – Online Sales Channel, Sagacious IP
Prateek Mohunta, COO, Sagacious IP
Sameer Kumar, Senior Manager, Sagacious IP

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More details about this webinar:

A successful patent application grant depends on how you draft the patent specification. It should be professional and precise. However, to err is human, and that might result in rejection of patent applications or unnecessary office actions that could have been avoided.
According to recent research conducted on a sample of 1600 patents issued by the USPTO:
• 98% were incorrect
• At least 1 PTO mistake was found in every US patent and more than 3% needed a correction certificate.
• Approximately 2% of the patents had serious mistakes that were enough to ruin the original claims.
Patent Proofreading helps avoid such errors and can save patent prosecutors a lot of trouble.

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