Chemical Structure Search

A potent formula for boosting R&D and protecting your IP

Sagacious IP’s hyper-targeted Chemical Structure Search is a highly specialized search used to identify chemical structures mentioned in patent and non-patent publications. Complete chemical structures, variations in functional moieties and chains enables you to draw and identify the most relevant references for inventions particularly in chemistry, biochemistry and pharmaceuticals, thereby boosting your R&D efforts, influence on-going patent litigation, track competition and strengthen your intellectual property rights.

Detail-driven Chemical Structures Searches that are cost-effective and time-bound

Perform result-oriented Chemical Structure Search:

  • To discover relevant chemical compounds whose IUPAC name and/or common name are not disclosed in references.
  • To discover relevant patents with precision by identifying the results based on the compound’s Markush structure.
  • To strengthen Patentability Search, Invalidity Search, Freedom-To-Operate Search and Landscape Analysis.

Aimed at the Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries, Sagacious IP’s Chemical Structure Search supports R&D professionals in their quest to innovate, enables researchers to do better research and let’s IP counsels protect their client’s IP.

Why us?

  • 1,000+ Chemical Structure Searches conducted every year.
  • Technical expertise in understanding the complex structure and simplifying it into core backbone.
  • Proficiency in usage of structure search databases in designing structure query and refining search results (e.g. STN, SureCHEMBL, ChemSpider etc.)
  • Analysis involves determining similarities with substitution in the structure, possibility of selecting a result with broader structure.
  • Performing searches related to Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), Chemical compounds, Chemical reactions and Polymers
  • Multi-Level Quality Checks
  • Optimized search costs
  • Flexibility in using client’s subscription for conducting the searches.

Impact Stories

Impact Story 1

When one of the World’s Top 20 Pharmaceutical and Agrochemical Companies wanted to have an expert opinion on the validity of its newly researched API or Chemical compound and its subsequent potential; they chose Sagacious

Impact Story 2

When a global leader in Healthcare and Agrochemical wanted to market one of their high potential formulation involving a recently developed drug, they chose Sagacious.

Impact Story 3

When an oncology-based company, wanted to enquire about the recent therapies developed for cancer treatment and check if their developed therapy aligns to any prevalent one, they chose Sagacious.

Impact Story 4

When a global leader in Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical and Petrochemical Industry wanted to market one of their high potential cost-effective chemical reaction for the known Chemical Compound or API involving a recently developed drug, they chose Sagacious.

Impact Story 5

When a world-renowned chemical company involved in the R&D of agricultural pesticides, insecticides, herbicides etc. had a keen interest in buying technology licenses from competitors with agro-chemical products in the market, Sagacious IP recommended a Clearance Search involving structure based on the products. We uncovered some leading companies with their IP protected in the technology. Not only did our analysis assist the client in licensing, but also contributed to advancements in their existing products.

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