Design Patentability Search

For an infringement-free R&D strategy

Sagacious IP’s Design Patentability Search allows you to draw out a clear, infringement-free roadmap for your R&D efforts, without incurring heavy costs, ensuring that your designs don’t infringe and are in fact patentable, giving you the edge over competition and drive market forces.

State-of-art Design Patentability Searches tailor-made for your unique R&D goals.

Why should you make Design Patentability Search a part of your strategy?

  • To discover whether the design is novel and non-obvious.
  • To discover whether a design patent can be filed.
  • To discover a design workaround and improvements to iron-clad your intellectual property.

From food processing and automobile engineering to drone design and connected cars, our 350+ subject-matter experts have got you covered!

Why us?

  • 350+ in house researchers specializing in areas of ICT, Engineering and Life Sciences
  • 2,000+ searches conducted for clients till date
  • Native language capabilities in 16+ languages including CN, JP, KR, FR and DE.
  • Maximum patent coverage using 10+ databases
  • Best coverage for non-patent literature
  • Design around options


Make Design Patent Search a foundation for your evolving R&D strategy.

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