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We serve many of world's largest companies, law firms, and other institutions - working with them to monetize IP, defend IP litigations, provide intelligence so they lead innovation in their industry and achieve most out of their IP budgets .

Large Corporations

Helping them lead the innovation in their industries


to run a successful, corporate - grade IP division within their budgets




Law Firms

Law Firms

With critical technology research, paralegal services & tools to provide their clients a globally optimized solution

Solo Practices

Venture Firms

Venture Firms

Regional Promotion Agencies and Trade Organizations

Individual Inventors

Individual Inventors

Manage, maintain and monetize their IP

Government & Non-Government institutions

In promoting & commercializing innovation

Industries Served

Sagacious services a wide spectrum of industries and technology domains and some of the key domain we work in include the following

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We have services across the IP lifecycle

IT for IP (Team Size: 10 FTE)
Custom Patent data management Apps & Tools
IP Dashboards and Decision Support tools
Competition Monitoring & Benchmarking Dashboards
AI based patent searches
AI based TM searches
Automatic Industry Categorization & Insights
Training (Team Size: 3 FTE)
Corporate Trainings
Freshers introduction to IP
Certification Programs
Monetize (Team Size: 60 FTE)
Technology Evaluation Reports
Patent Mining
Patent Mining (SEP)
Patent Ranking
Infringer Identification
EoU Charting
Portfolio Categorization
Strategic Prosecution
Patent Valuation
Non-Infringement Arguments
Reverse Engineering
Licensee Identification and Pitch Decks
Supply Chain Market Analysis

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Guides / Insights

A Guide on Best Practices for an Effective Design Search

Industrial Design has proved to be a crucial intellectual property that is needed for business across the globe. As consumer demands reach newer levels with each passing year, it has become difficult for businesses...

Guides / Insights

A Complete Guide to Cover Patent Drawing Office Actions

Patent drawings, illustrations, and diagrams hold the key to effectively demonstrating the novelty of an invention. A product’s new feature or functionality is much better explained with the subtlety of well-defined drawings. Without the...

Guides / Insights

A Complete Guide on How to Choose a Unique Trademark?

Trademark is a vital asset of any company. It is an intangible property of an organization that helps protect its name, logo or other branding items. Broadly speaking, a trademark is a sign capable...

Guides / Insights

Step-by-Step Guide to Understand Patent Lifecycle

People start their patent protection journey once they identify a persisting problem and come up with a unique solution to resolve it. For many, especially beginners, this process can be daunting at first. Though...

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Everything to Know about Patent Claims: Functions, Parts, and Types

Claims are unarguably the heart of any patent application. A patent claim states the novel aspects of the invention, thereby defining the scope up to which a patent is protected. In other words, patent...


ST26 Sequence Listing Standard: Easing the Access to Sequence Data

All patent applications disclosing nucleotide and/or amino acid sequences must include sequence listings as per international filing standards. A new sequence listing standard – ST26 – is coming into force from July 1, 2022,...


Metaverse and NFT IP Rights: Protecting your Digital Assets

In today’s world, where new technologies are emerging like never before, subjects like Metaverse and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have become the talk of the town. They represent a new horizon in the intellectual property...


Indian Patent Law: Understanding the Patent Rights & Obligations

Whenever an invention is patented, the law confers several crucial rights on the patentee. Unfortunately, despite the rising understanding of intellectual property and its importance for businesses, many inventors and entrepreneurs continue to be...

Upcoming Webinars

Past Webinars/ Recordings

Past Webinars

Moving from ST.25 to ST.26 (The New Sequence Listing Standard)

Key-points to be Covered in the Webinar? What is Sequence Listing and why is it required? What are ST.25 and ST.26 standards? How does ST.26 differ from ST.25? What are the tools and processes...

Past Webinars

A Technical Deep Dive: Video Coding and Streaming Technologies

Why this topic is Critical For the Target Audience? Video encoding is very important because it easily facilitates transmission of video content over the internet and is crucial because the compression of the raw...

Past Webinars

How to Reduce Costs By Outsourcing IDS Management

Why this topic is Critical For the Target Audience? Submission of an Information Disclosure Statement (IDS) is an important step in the patent prosecution since it’s the duty of an applicant to disclose all...

Past Webinars

7 Secrets to Producing Error-Free Drawings, Faster and Cheaper Using Advanced Tools

Why this topic is Critical for the Target Audience? Patent drawing software is essential for creating error-free patent drawings which are a critical part of the patent process. The software helps to obtain high-quality...

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