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What is our vision for growing Sagacious IP?

The vision of Sagacious IP is to be the most trusted player in the industry and markets that we serve.

We want all our stakeholders, including our customers and our people, to recognize us as a partner, essential to achieving their short and long term goals and as an indispensable secret ingredient that significantly elevates their achievements & performance.

Who all can benefit from our services?

Sagacious IP serves clients from following six categories and has a clear understanding of highly variable requirements and expectations of each of its client coming form a wide array of industries.

Technology Firms/In-house counsel owning large IP portfolios, that we support by reducing costs by outsourcing their IP processes.

Licensing firms/senior executives, looking for potential licensing targets and earning enormous amount of licensing revenue.

Technology transfer officers of Universities and academia/researchers requiring extensive prior-art searches before investing in R&D field of interest.

Others including intermediaries/aggregators, investment firms/investors and IP Business consultants.

Does Sagacious IP provide references?

Yes, we do. Under the "Client Testimonials" section of our website, you will be able to explore references from our several clients describing the benefits gained from their collaboration with Sagacious IP.

Which are the industries where Sagacious can provide IP search services?

Whatever your industry, we are able to provide support in all technical areas. Our IP experts are qualified to serve you in the following industries, among many others:

Information Communication Technology: Semiconductor Wafer & Device Fabrication, VLSI & Chip Designing, Microprocessors & Microcontrollers, Cellular Systems, Antennas, Optical Fiber communication, Signal Processing, Consumer Electronics, CCD, CMOS and other Digital Cameras, Phones, Tablets & Accessories, TV & Accessories, & Others…

Life Sciences: Biotechnology, Immunology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Genomics, Proteomics, rDNA technology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Genetics/ Genetic Engineering, Recombinant DNA, Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Food/Dairy Industry & Others…

Engineering: Metallurgical & Materials Engineering, Steel making process, Blast Furnace Iron making, Fluid Dynamics, Nano Materials & Composites, Heat & Mass transfer, Forging & Forming Processes, Physical Metallurgy, Hydro/ Electro/ Pyro Metallurgy Processes, Corrosion, Heat Treatment, Basic Electrical & Electronics & Others…

In which all countries Sagacious IP can provide IP services?

Sagacious IP is essentially a global IP research firm and among the handful of companies offering such a wide range of country coverage in the whole IP fraternity. We have compiled an extensive list of jurisdictions we cover for each of our IP service vertical.

For our Patent Search Services, we cover over 100 countries across 7 continents. View the country coverage here.

For our Trademark Search Services, view the country coverage here.

Are there any specific countries where Sagacious IP is trying to strengthen its presence?

Over the past few years, we have focused on serving certain markets that have responded well to our services, by establishing or expanding our local presence in several countries including US, most parts of Europe and Australia.

In addition, over the past two years we have been strengthening our presence in the Asian market especially India. Our Indian team is focused on serving our clients' needs for patent filing and prosecution services, in addition to all other services and products we offer. In order to continue improving the quality of our services in India, it is important for us to be able to offer a personal service directly on site.

We are continuing to reach new audiences and make our services available worldwide by developing new partnerships and opening new local offices

What are the services provided by Sagacious IP in the area of IP Consulting?

Under the umbrella of IP Consulting Services we provide

IP Portfolio Mining & Analysis – We analyze and evaluate your intellectual assets to help you recognize the full potential of your IP portfolio.

IP Competitive Assessments – We research, monitor and analyze your competitors' portfolios in order to build awareness of how your IP assets are positioned in comparison with your competition.

IP Strategy Development – We develop a tailor-made approach that best fits your needs and show you the best strategy to handle your IP rights.

Organizational Strategy and Business Plan Development – We analyze existing workflows and help you optimize internal processes, right through to the full restructuring of your IP organization.

Do Sagacious IP has multilingual expertise for IP research work?

Sagacious IP offer quality and yet cost-effective multilingual IP support to its clients worldwide

Our in-house language experts and rigorously trained translators conduct patent and nonpatent searches in almost all the major languages of the world - including English. Sagacious IP patent drafting services, however, are available only in English.

To view our comprehensive language coverage, click here

Could I see sample reports prepared by Sagacious IP?

Yes, definitely. To see Sagacious IPs sample reports, click here.

What actions does Sagacious IP take to constantly improve its quality standards?

Sagacious IP has always been aiming for the highest customer satisfaction in terms of quality, delivery time and pricing, providing the best total value in compliance with all regulatory requirements

Our ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and ISO 9001:2008 certification – awarded by reputed German accreditation body DAR-TGA - represents our commitment to the high quality standards we apply throughout our work.

To view Sagacious IP certifications, click here.

What confidentiality measures are in place at Sagacious IP for security of client's IP information?

The confidentiality measures are determined by country-specific laws and the nature of the project. However, we can offer you an appropriate solution for nearly every individual case.

Legal Measures

Non-disclosure agreement
Client-favourable jurisdiction
IP of projects belongs to client
In-house legal counsel ensures contractual compliance
Internal/External advisors ensure statutory compliance

Dedicated Teams

Chinese walls
Single point contact
Staffing rules
Independent expert opinions

Process Measures

Clean desk, clear screen
IS0 27001 certification
Confidentiality as element of quality
Pre- and post-involvement confirmation of expert's role
Strict 'ethical research'/business conduct guidelines

Secured Technology

Secure transmission
Multiple level firewall to prevent hacking & other cybercrime cases.
Secure storage
Data access for team members only

What measures are in place to prevent conflict of interest between us?

Conflict Check Database

Information on all IP clients
Type of projects already carried out
Details of team members who worked on the projects Keywords

IP Conflict Check Team

Independent members in the team
Analysis of all client matter
Management of potential conflict to safeguard the interests of the clients


Knowledge on each client confined to a particular unit
Strict confidentiality of client information maintained
Different IT infrastructure for each IP unit

Is Sagacious IP awarded any memberships, awards or nominations?

Sagacious has been awarded the memberships of a number of world renowned IP & business associations. Click here

How can I provide feedback ?

Any feedback from your side is welcome and we would be more than glad to receive it and to use it for improving our services.

Please use the contact form available on the Contact page to send us your requests and comments concerning our service offering.

Alternatively, please contact us using the contact details listed on the Contact page.

Couldn't find the answer you were looking for? Use this form to send us your own questions - we will be regularly updating our FAQs list. Alternatively, if you have a specific request, please use our Contact form.

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