Infringer/Licensee Identification

Track IP Infringement and Identify Hidden Revenue Streams

Sagacious IP’s Infringer/Licensee Identification service does competitive analysis to ensure that your IP is protected from being infringed upon. It also allows you to license your IP and generate additional revenue sources.

Protect Your IP and Partner with the Right IP Licensing Companies

Streamlined Infringement Tracking - The Sagacious Way

At Sagacious IP, we offer in-depth expertise in identifying companies that can license your technology. Our end-to-end licensing support is also tailored to identify infringers and help you enforce your IP to generate revenue.

When do you need Infringer/Licensee Identification?

  • To generate revenue from patents by licensing/sales
  • Stopping competitor’s products in the market
  • Patent enforcement
  • Patent portfolio monetization
  • Patent pruning decisions for dormant patents
  • Generating revenue from patents before they go out of the trend

Why us?

At Sagacious IP, we support our clients in extracting maximum value from a patent. Our clients trust us with infringement/licensing identification. Here’s why:

  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Different level of EoUs based on requirement (from litigation ready chart to 2-pager EoU to assess infringement)
  • Ability to do claim construction
  • Ability to find applications in alternate/secondary markets – diverse scope of the claims
  • Access to commercial knowledge bases for references
  • Strong understanding of standard specifications to conclude an infringement
  • Reverse engineering capabilities for proving an infringement

Impact Stories

A US-based corporation in the enterprise server industry was looking for new monetization opportunities for its patent portfolio size of 10K+ well monetized in the core-industry. Sagacious IP mined the patents having diverse scope applicability in the adjacent market non-core to the corporation. Then, we identified the infringement for the mined patents and generated EoU charts to start the licensing campaign.

Ready to open new revenue streams?