Hemant Kumar

Group Manager - Illustration

8+ years of experience in the field of Patent and Technical Illustrations.

About Hemant Kumar


  • PTOs – USPTO, EPO, INPI, SIPO, JPO, CIPO, AU, Indian PTO, etc.
  • Tools – AutoCAD 2D and 3D, Visio, SolidWorks composer and CorelDraw.

Hemant is an experienced Patent Illustrator having 8+ years of experience in the field of Patent and Technical Illustrations.

Hemant is well-versed with the patent drawings guidelines of various jurisdictions such as USPTO, EPO, INPI, SIPO, JPO, CIPO, AU, Indian

and various other patent office requirements and also with the patent office examiner rejections (Office Action).

He has completed more than 10000+ drawings which include Utility and Design patent drawings and technical illustrations by working closely with Patent Attorneys, Drafting team, Law firms, Inventors and corporate firms. Recently, he has been working on 2D and 3D modeling for 3D printing related to patented products .

Areas of Expertise:

  • Heavy equipment’s and heavy-duty vehicle drawings
  • Medical/Surgical device drawings
  • Electrical Engineering drawings
  • Gear mechanism drawings
  • Biotech drawings
  • Plotting Graphs & charts
  • Automation
  • Product design
  • Prototype


During his journey, Hemant has contributed to the following articles:

IPWatchdog: How to avoid USPTO rejections in patent drawings

IP Watchdog: Two Key Steps to Overcome Rejections Received on PCT Drawings


Hemant holds a B.E in Mechanical degree.

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