Inderpal Singh Chowdhari

Project Manager - Trademark

6+ years of experience in Trademark Searching and Filing.

About Inderpal Singh Chowdhari

Inderpal successfully delivers more than 70+ trademark searches monthly. Inderpal is associated with Sagacious Research & The Trademark Search Company since 2 years. Inderpal has personally searched more than 250+ searches in US Federal, Canada, WIPO, and Global jurisdictions in his carrier for various clients. Also, Inderpal has done more than 1000+ projects of Trademark Knockout Searches.

Previously, Inderpal has 4 years of work experience with Legal Force Pvt Ltd. Inderpal has handled more than 3000+ Trademark Filings and submission of filing projects from last 6 yrs. Inderpal also has knowledge on SOU filings and has handled various projects of SOU filing in past. Also, Inderpal has helped clients with Office Action forms.

Inderpal is well-versed in paid trademarks tools (Markify, CorSearch and TMTKO).

Additionally, Inderpal also runs AI (Artificial Intelligence) trademark searches for various jurisdictions.


B.B.A. and L.L.B. degree and graduate from Nagpur University (Nagpur)

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