Patent Docketing & Paralegal

Real-time and expert assistance from well trained paralegals to flawlessly manage your patent docketing procedures. 

Featured Capabilities

Patent Paralegal Service

Our expert Paralegal Support Structure helps clients protect their IP rights by filing drafted patent applications, efficiently maintaining file histories, monitoring the docket & sending reminders of upcoming due dates to client for reporting, managing global filing requests, handling PTO correspondence, and coordinating associate correspondence.

Patent Proofreading

Mitigating risk, managing consistency, removing delicacy and errors from claims and specifications are timely and effectively are the prime attributes of Sagacious Proofreading Experts.

Verifying / Monitoring Prosecution Status

Patent grant is a dynamic process and thus it is important to keep monitoring the status of the patent you have filed. Keeping this in mind Sagacious Research came up with Prosecution Status Monitoring Service wherein we keep you informed about each and every activity pertaining to your patent filing(s).

Patent Docketing Service

We believe to diminish the steeplechases out of IP by providing the world’s IP experts, a platform of freedom, progress, and reliability, empowering them to do what they do best.

IDS Preparation

Sagacious Research IP Support team offers IDS-related solutions to US patent application filers so that they comply easily with the duty of disclosure.

Document Preparation & Filing

Patents are very structured documents and thus it requires a lot of paper works to be done appropriately and in accordance to the respective patent office.

Patent Application Format Conversion

Patent applications are very structured documents and thus it should adhere to the format as specified by the patent office.

Official Action Reporting

Patent grant and maintaining patent is a dynamic process wherein we need to keep a vigilant eye on the status of our application.

Foreign Filing Deadline Reminders

When you are dealing with assets like patents it is important to keep a tab on deadlines and reminders those should be addressed.

Patent Data Verification Service

Unlike other documents, patent related documents are very structured and thus it is important to ensure that each captured data is valid and are in accordance to the respective PTO.

Patent Term Adjustments

Patent term adjustment (PTA) is a process carried out by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for adding day-for-day credits to the normal twenty year term from filing of a patent application based on delays in prosecution at the USPTO.

Impact Stories

American Telecom Company Acquired New patent portfolios

When an American Telecom Company actively acquiring new patent portfolios needed to merge new IP assets in their existing docketing and IP management databases with due verification of legal status, ownership, etc. They Chose Sagacious.

American Cosmetics Giant Nailed Infringement

When an American Cosmetics Giant wanted to nail infringement on one of their skin ointment component patent, They Chose Sagacious.

Our People

Vivek Singh

Head – IP Filing and Prosecution Practice

M. Pharm (Jamia Hamdard University, New Delhi); LL.B (DU), Registered Patent & Trademark Agent. Experienced IP attorney with Techno-Legal background & 11+ years of diverse work experience in IP & R&D. He has previously worked with FICCI, Ranbaxy besides being founder of the start-up acquired by

Dhananjay Kumar Das

Manager – ICT Licensing

Patent Licensing Professional (Telecommunication) ECE Engineer, 4+ Years in IP Industry, Patent licensing and valuation professional with keen interest & experience in Electronics and Telecommunication

John Britto M

Manager – Illustration Team

Patent Illustrator (Mechanical Engineering) Mechanical Engineer, 10+ Years in IP Industry, Patent illustrator with a decade of experience delivering PTO compliant drawings.

Tanmay Mittal

IP Solutions Architect

B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering)from IEC-CET 8+ Years of Experience

From Our Blog

Secondary Patenting or Evergreening: Indian IP perspective

For years, India has refused rampant evergreening of patents of foreign pharmaceutical companies as per Section 3(d) of Indian law of The Patents Act, 1970.


Featured Insights

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