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Need help in the maintenance of your overall patent portfolio?

Most of the corporates and patent aggregators have hundreds of patents which need to be scrutinized in order to have high-level insights. Sagacious Research is actively involved in patent portfolio analysis and maintenance for many clients. The portfolio analysis can be done for technology categorization of patents and technology-based ranking of patents to determine the relevance of patented technology with respect to the market products. Based on the client requirements, the Portfolio Analysis study can be further expanded to identify infringement and licensing opportunities.

Sagacious Research also helps in maintenance of overall portfolio by alerting the clients regarding various parameters such as patents about to expire, top citing/cited entities to the portfolio, the status of active patent applications, the jurisdiction of patents.

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Patent Portfolio Analysis/Monitoring Services

Patent information search service is used to discover patent documents, find out legal status and business-relevant information during the patent filing process.

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Impact Stories

Japan’s Largest Computer Peripherals Company Got An Experienced Team To File & Prosecute

When one of Japan’s largest computer peripherals companies wanted an experienced team to file & prosecute their patent applications in India,  They Chose Sagacious.

Japan’s Largest Computer Peripherals Company Received A Reliable Solution For Outsourcing.

When one of Japan’s largest computer peripherals companies wanted a reliable solution for outsourcing their patent drawings, They Chose Sagacious.

India’s Largest Conglomerate’s Oil & Gas Division Chose Our Technology

When one of India’s Largest Conglomerate‘s oil & gas division wanted a technology to monitor their pipeline’s health in real-time,  They Chose Sagacious.

India’s National Disaster Management Authority Got A Robust Solution

When India’s National Disaster Management Authority wanted a robust technological solution for earthquake rescue, They Chose Sagacious.

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