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Sagacious IP’s Patentability Search service is designed with a single goal in mind – to give you the pertinent prior art, cost effectively and at the right time. Whether you are the person in-charge for patent prosecution at a corporation, a patent lawyer or someone with the next big idea, Patentability Search is the fuel that will take your innovation(s) forward and achieve results that really matter.

Navigating The Patent Application Process – The Sagacious Way

At Sagacious IP, we assist global companies, MSMEs and Innovators planning to protect their inventions/innovations. Patentability searches help in verifying the novelty of these inventions and fetch optimal patentable subject matter. These searches are a crucial step that helps our clients decide whether to invest in a new patent application.

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"I have worked with Sagacious for a number of years and have found them reliable. The team is responsive, and I would recommend Sagacious to others. Hope to growing the relationship further."

Impact Stories

1000+ Searches Across Multiple Technology Domains Delivered Seamlessly In Timely And Cost-Effective Manner

One of the world’s largest printer and computer manufacturer works with a dedicated team at Sagacious IP. The team helps the organization with 60+ patentability assessments every month helping them make informed decisions related to patent filing, claim scope and/or designing around. The relationship has reached a level where the team now has a deep understanding of their technological domains and expectations. It helps us expediate the process of sharing our patentability assessment with a short turn-around time.

Novelty Searches With First Draft Of Independent Claims Resulted In 30% Reduction In Time From IDF To Patent Draft Ready For Filing

One of the top US law firms leverages our support on 30+ patentability assessments every month for the largest automobile company from Japan. To optimize process & reduce turn-around time, we share our assessment over an email with relevant results, and tic-tac-toe mapping. We also provide draft of first independent claim along with the search report.


Patent information can be defined as any information disclosed in granted patents as well as patent applications. This information includes description of the claimed invention, related developments in the technological field, a list of claims showing the scope of patent protection, and bibliographic data about the patent applicant/patent holder, inventor, invention dates, countries, current enforcement/ legal status, etc. It is important for patent applicants to disclose all this information about their invention(s) as it acts as a basis for developing new technical solutions and as a source of information for the public to know about the latest technical developments to further work on.

Generally, patent documents are published by regional as well as national patent offices, 18 months after the date of filing the first application or after a patent has been granted. Most patent offices also publish these documents on free online databases.

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