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When it comes to intellectual property, data-based research lends credibility to news pieces and analysis. IP data captures current technology trends and provides critical insights into the future of a company based on IP filings. Business professionals and R&D heads assess the dynamics of the innovators’ ecosystem and patent developments based on these researches.
Sagacious IP, a global IP research and consulting firm, is equipped to provide IP Data/Patent Statistics to boost industry-driven news stories. With our industry exposure and expertise in various technology fields, we are committed to provide 5 hours of IP research for free to add length and breadth in your news stories.

What are patent statistics or patent data? See some of the insights gathered from IP data and learn how they can be valuable in your media stories.

1. If you’re doing a story on Plant Based Meat Industry

Intellectual property data/patent statistics related to Plant based meat industry can reveal:

2. If you’re doing a story on HVAC Industry

A landscape report on HVAC technology prepared by Sagacious IP can throw light on:

3. If you’re interested to do a story on Digital technology

Our technology reports can reveal IP insights like:

4. If you’re doing a story which focusses on predicting the future of some new technology:

Our reports can help you understand the technology direction, patent filings, their applicants, jurisdictions etc. Our research can also help in identifying the roadblocks in shaping the future of a technology and also the solutions. Below are some graphs that represent Sustainable packaging industry:

Learn how we enhanced several media stories by using patent statistics!

Sagacious IP worked on a report which revealed 1,338 patents filed by India-domiciled cos in US in 2018-19. The report further threw light on the domains in which domains the patents were filed i.e. like Pharmaceuticals, Artificial Intelligence, Chemistry and Communication Technology. Read the full story here.

Sagacious IP provided insights on patents being filed in the Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Vehicle Tech, Insights on OEMs focusing on Electric Mobility and Hybrid Solutions, trends, and where India stands in filing patents. Read the full story here.

Sagacious IP helped Financial Express carve out a story on ‘How India is emerging as a hotbed for automotive patents’. The research carried out by Sagacious IP revealed data for the top 20 automotive companies that are leading patent filings in the Indian automotive sector. The data highlights that Toyota, Nissan, Suzuki, Honda are the leading international companies who are registering their intellectual properties in India. German automaker – Daimler and the automotive component giants — Bosch are listed in the top ten names. Read the full story here.

One of the Life Sciences Expert from Sagacious IP added his two cents to the news story in Food Navigator Magazine by examining the trend of clean label plant-based substitutes through new patent filings data with the explicit disclosure of clean label plant-based substitutes for the innovations in the area of plant-based meat and dairy substitutes. He further provided his prediction based on the above that brands might consider creating more clean label plant-based products considering the growing consumer trends. Read the full story here.

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