Patent Monitoring / Tech Watch

Our Patent Monitoring / Watch and PAIR Alerts services efficiently monitor the new patent data and prosecution activities. Sagacious IP services ensure that you will be always updated with comprehensive up-to-date information which will help you make informed IP business decisions.

We believe keeping a watch on technology / business area you operate in, your key competitors and their IP plays a significant role in keeping your organization up-to-date on recent and helps you make right decision/ maneuver within the right timeframe.

Why Sagacious?

  • 8+ Years of Business, 125+ Full Time Searchers, 30+ Tech Areas, 100+ Patent Watch / Monitoring Projects / month.
  • Multi-lingual (16+ Languages) capabilities covering 100+ Countries.
  • Automatic monitoring and manual analysis checks of application, patent, and reexamination proceedings of your patents as well as competitor's patents.
  • Multiple variants to match your budget and completeness requirements.
  • Monitoring and manual analysis conducted by subject matter experts, reports includes expert comments on each prior-art.
  • Monitoring new filings within patent families, amendments, post-grant review opportunities, etc.


Data Sources

Thomson Innovation, Questel Orbit, Derwent, PatBase, STN, National Patent Databases of Individual (100+) Countries, CNKI, WanFang Data, J-Stage, CiNii, ScienceDirect, Springerlink, IEEE, ACM, PubMed, PubChem... See the complete list >>

Tech Domains

Information Communication Technology, Engineering, Life Sciences, Chemistry, Metallurgical & Materials, Semiconductors, VLSI & Chip Designing, Microprocessors, Antennas, Optical Fiber communication, Signal Processing, Consumer Electronics CCD... See the complete list >>


USA, Canada, WIPO, EPO, Britain, China, Japan, Korea, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Israel, Australia, Switzerland, Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam, South Africa, India, Singapore, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway... See the complete list >>



Major Asian Languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, etc)

Most European Languages (German, French, Spanish, Italian, etc)


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