Patent Proof Reading

Before submitting your patent application, it is important to proof-read it beforehand. Even small errors in a patent document could lead to an office action or rejection of a patent application. This is a time consuming and costly affair, which is why document review is very important. To help clients with efficient, manual and comprehensive proof-reading, Sagacious came up with Patent Proof Reading Service that is cost-effective, reliable and of high quality.

Our team of patent professionals will analyze your patent application to check for the following:

  • Grammar
  • Spellings
  • Formatting
  • Consistency
  • Antecedent Basis
  • Claim Dependency
  • Claims and Drawing Consistency

Rest assured that patent rules and standards set by each Patent Office are adhered to in proofreading our work (i.e., line spacing, font size, drawings sheets).

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