Patent Monetization and Licensing Solutions

Sagacious will help you in taking the most 'critical' call in monetizing your patents:
Which path to take - Patent Sales or Patent Licensing?

Patent Sales

The diligence required for Sales is probably the most important. Note that, unlike licensing, this is a one-time activity. Hence, it is very important for the patent holder to assess the value of the patents. A lot of research firms charge a hefty amount for patent valuation services. There is no point in spending money for a theoretical document.
At Sagacious, we have been involved in Patent Sales so actively, that we know the practical aspects important for patent sales - the pitch changes for each potential buyer. We not only help with identifying the potential buyers but also compile the slide deck for the meetings.
However, before you think of selling your patent, please contact us for understanding the benefits of holding on to your patent and going for Patent Licensing.

Patent Licensing

Based on more than 10 years of experience in Patent Licensing activities, Sagacious knows that the most important aspect driving a licensing deal is technical research.
Getting in a negotiation with a strong research focus not only makes licensing an easy task for the parties involved but also positions the patent holder to be able to extract the maximum value out of their patents.
Sagacious has the ability to think long term through the licensing process and support its clients including individual inventors and big corporates alike.
Be it pre-litigation support or providing support throughout the litigation cycle, Sagacious, with its extensive work with the largest and most active NPEs, leverages the best practices to get the job done.

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