Infringer / Licensee Identification

The patent is said to be infringed when someone without authority of the patented invention, uses, makes, sells, offers to sell or imports the said patented invention within a country, or even if he imports the said invention during the term of the patent. Sagacious experts' help to identify them in lateral industries, outside your competitive set, based on thorough analysis of needs and problem statements that your products could address, etc. Our highly trained team can identify licensing opportunities; reveal a market's potential, ensuring you have reliable and assessment-ready claim charts.

Based on the experience of conducting numerous patent litigation and patent licensing support projects, Sagacious has developed methodologies for conducting quick but comprehensive market research to identify companies/candidates who might be interested in licensing client's technology. The search is focused on identifying products and/or technologies owned by potential licensee/infringer that are either already infringing on client's patent or might gain a competitive edge by adding the features of client's invention.

Some of the salient points of Sagacious IP Services methodology are listed below:
  • Understanding the patent and Understanding the scope of the claims based on the patent specifications and the file history.
  • Identifying the 'must have' features any product must have in order to be infringing on the patent.
  • Identifying the type of products and companies that might use the technology claimed in the patent.
  • Analyzing the products/companies w.r.t. the 'must have features' to identify the infringers.
  • Sorting the final list based on the size of the company and/or the market cap of infringing products.

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