Source Code Analysis

Software patent cases are the fastest-growing type of litigation for sustaining industries in competitive environment. Source Code Review is the most powerful tool in patent litigation and trade secrets cases. Evidence from the source code review can unveil stronger argument for infringement case against product. Since the software products are increasing day by day, the complexity for evaluating infringement litigation proof is also increasing.

Earlier, there were traditional ways of analyzing source code of software which include reading each and every line of code which consumed a lot of time. Sagacious, through its extensive experience in source code review, has developed its code review process which can reveal the required proof quickly.

Sagacious utilizes state of the art processes to conduct quick source code review.

  • Sagacious uses code analysis tools present in IDEs like Eclipse, Visual Studio, and SlickEdit and stand-alone products like Beyond Compare, PowerGREP, code2flow, Android Studio, etc.
  • Source code review experts at Sagacious are comfortable in diverse programming language including C, C++, Java, C#, ROR, Python, PHP, Perl, Objective C, etc
  • Source code review experts at Sagacious have worked in diverse platforms, but not limited to, Android, Windows, Linux, iOS and MacOS.

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