Technology / IP Valuation and Deal Structure

The era is witnessing a sharp shift from a product based economy to a knowledge based economy where-in much emphasis is being given on to IP assets and related intangible assets. The importance of an IP can be perceived from the simple fact is, that, these days they are being used as collaterals for various financing activities.

Thus, it is important for companies to evaluate the real worth of a patent portfolio or do an effective IP valuation for various intellectual properties. This holds true both for patent buyers and/or patent sellers.

Sagacious IP's IP valuation service or technology valuation service is meant to do just that wherein we employ various proven methods to evaluate the current, actual and real worth of an IP.

Why to value IP?

  • Investors value intellectual properties
  • IP influences valuation of an organization in case of mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • IP valuation helps in raising venture capitals

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