Silver Bullet Invalidity Search® – Get “Killer-art”

Silver Bullet Invalidity Search®, The ONLY Invalidity search you’ll EVER need.

Pay for RESULTS not HOURS.

Perform result-oriented Markush Structure Search:

With a decade of working and interacting with patent attorneys, attorneys at law and in-house IP counsels of over 1,500 companies from 86 countries – and conducting over 10,000 searches in diverse technical areas – we are the best team to take up your case. We’ve achieved a success rate of 44% in our invalidity searches – you can be assured that your critical case is in the right hands.

Whether it is a critical litigation or a pro-active opposition, we’ve got YOU COVERED.

Our SKIN is IN the GAME. We only SUCCEED when YOU do.

We conduct comprehensive searches for patent literature, non-patent literature and industrial designs. The search is conducted collaboratively and there is no upper cap to the effort – our entire intention is to get you the killer art that you can use in your case.

The pricing for the search is calculated based on your judgement of the results, as below:

Silver Bullet Variant (No fixed cost, contingency based)

Guaranteed “Killer Art – Silver Bullet to kill the patent. We will find the relevant prior art no matter what effort goes in to it. If, rarely though, you don’t think we found a killer art, you only pay either $3,499 (if you use provided results in an invalidity case) or $2,299 (if you do not use our results anywhere). If we find “Killer Art”, you pay $6,999.

Silver Bullet+ Variant (No fixed cost, contingency based)

Like the original version, you pay for results and not for effort. Silver Bullet+ : increasing the comprehensiveness of the searches multi-folds. 

In Summary for Silver Bullet+:

Some Recent Success Stories:

New York patent attorney spent over $15,000 on unsuccessful searches. When he contacted us, we offered him the Silver Bullet Invalidity Search®, where he would only pay $2,299 (and not complete fee of $6,999) if no killer art is found – irrespective of how extensive effort we put. In 10 days, we got him one 102 patent prior art, two 103 patent prior art and one 103 non-patent prior art. He gladly paid $6,999, said he should have come directly to Sagacious IP – and now orders Silver Bullet searches on all cases.

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