We serve many of world's largest companies, law firms, and other institutions - working with them to monetize IP, defend IP litigations, provide intelligence so they lead innovation in their industry and achieve most out of their IP budgets.

We work with World's largest companies - helping them lead the innovation in their industries - and with smaller ones to run a successful, corporate - grade IP division within their budgets. We support IP law firms with critical technology research, paralegal services & tools to provide their clients a globally optimized solution. We help patent owners manage, maintain and monetize their IP. We partner with government and non-government institutions in promoting and commercializing innovation.

Currently being one the largest provider of IP research services globally and by serving global IP community for over a decade, we have developed knowledge, best practices, IPTech/AI tools and analytical frameworks - on a variety of topics pertaining to the IP space, through our team of experts located in 9 offices across the globe.

Techno-Legal professionals
Countries Using 16+ Language covered in research
Projects delivered globally annually
Clients Serviced with multiple solutions
Offices in 9 Countries
Customer Countries

We have services across the IP lifecycle

Search (Team Size: 150 FTE)
Patentability & Novelty Search
Invalidity & Validity Opposition
Freedom To Operate Search
Patent Landscape Search
Patent Monitoring
Technology Scouting
Patent Summary
Technology Benchmarking
New Application Scouting
Sequence Search
Chemical Structure Search
Markush Structure Analysis
Design Patent Search
Sequence Listing
Prosecute (Team Size: 20 FTE)
Patent Filing & Prosecution
Trademark Filing & Prosecution
Design Filing & Prosecution
Counterfeit Investigations
IP Litigation Support
Off Patented Opportunities
IT for IP (Team Size: 10 FTE)
Custom Patent data management Apps & Tools
IP Dashboards and Decision Support tools
Competition Monitoring & Benchmarking Dashboards
AI based patent searches
AI based TM searches
Automatic Industry Categorization & Insights
Training (Team Size: 3 FTE)
Corporate Trainings
Freshers introduction to IP
Certification Programs
Drafting Support (Team Size: 50 FTE)
Patent Drafting
Office Action Response
Utility Drawings
Design Drawings
Paralegal & Trademark
(Team Size: 30 FTE)
IDS Preparation
Proof Reading
Shell Response
Patent Term Adjustment
Filing Form Preparation
EP Validation
Data Verification
Format Conversion
Trademark Search
Trademark Watch
Monetize (Team Size: 60 FTE)
Technology Evaluation Reports
Patent Mining
Patent Mining (SEP)
Patent Ranking
Infringer Identification
EoU Charting
Portfolio Categorization
Strategic Prosecution
Patent Valuation
Non-Infringement Arguments
Reverse Engineering
Licensee Identification and Pitch Decks
Supply Chain Market Analysis

Featured Insights

Insights / Reports / Samples

Patent Infringement Analysis Report – Sample

Sagacious IP has benefited R&D organizations, Corporates and Individual Inventors with their detailed Patent Infringement Analysis that helped them drive their IP strategy. Claim-based infringement analysis helps define the scope of the current technology...


Advanced Patent Landscape Report – Sample

Advanced Patent Landscape Reports act as a support system for businesses to make informed decisions. These reports typically include details on various areas of a technology while highlighting a particular domain. The insights gained...

Insights / Reports / Samples

Patent Landscape Analysis Report – Sample

Sagacious IP has successfully conducted landscape analysis of different technological domains in order to help businesses make informed decisions. Our Case Study on Patent Landscape Analysis helps in identifying patent and market trends in...

Guides / Insights

Download – A Detailed Guide on Coronavirus (COVID-19) History, All Current/ Pipeline Treatments & Ongoing/ Past Research/Patents

The world’s scientific community is currently at a crisis to find a cure/prevention for the COVID-19 virus. Declared as a pandemic by the WHO, scientists/researchers are working tirelessly to understand the virus better and...

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Patent Drawing Margins: How to follow USPTO guidelines?

Patent Drawing Margins: How to follow USPTO guidelines?: At times when companies fail to follow the rules set by Patent Offices while filing patents, they receive Office Action, which can lead to application rejection...


Continuation Patent Application Vs. Continuation-In-Part – Which Is Better And Why

Continuation Vs. Continuation-In-Part Patent Application – Which Is Better And Why: Continuation application, Continuation-in-parts Application, and Divisional Applications are all categorized under the “parent application” type. In this article, we will elaborate on Continuation...


How our Patent Due Diligence Study Helped a US-based Cosmetics Multinational Company Acquire a Start-Up

How our Patent Due Diligence Study Helped a US-based Cosmetics Multinational Company Acquire a Start-Up: A US-based multinational company in the cosmetics domain recently approached Sagacious IP for conducting an exhaustive due diligence study....


How to overcome PCT Patent Rejections received on Drawings

How to overcome PCT Patent Rejections received on Drawings: Patent drawings form an important part of a patent application. It is estimated that a large number of patent rejections happen in the initial stage...

Upcoming Webinars

Upcoming Webinars

Webinar “The Best Way to Create a CAD File of Your Patent Idea”

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Upcoming Webinars

Webinar “Patent Drawing Guidelines Series-Part 3 Secret to Avoid USPTO Rejection on Patent Drawings”

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Past Webinars/ Recordings

Past Webinars

Best Practices For Conducting Design Patent Searches – Webinar

Searching patents on a patent database is an art followed by experience and technical expertise of the searcher. For this, one must know how to effectively search patents using technical keywords, various operators, and...

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10 Use Cases of Trademark Search and Watch – Webinar

For each business, ensuring the brand protection and securing exclusive IP rights is an important aspect for its growth. Similarly, actively protecting the IP, trademarks is also an important area for making sure the...

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Best Practices to conduct Mechanical Prior-Art Searches – Webinar

For every business unit, it is crucial to conduct a quality prior art search before filing a patent to avoid the rejection of patent during the examination phase. Thus, prior art search will help...

Past Webinars

Patent Drawing Guidelines Series-Part 2: Secret to Avoid EPO Rejections in Patent Drawings – Webinar

It is common knowledge that every jurisdiction or patent office has its guidelines that are different from the other PTO offices. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that formal drawings are complying with the...

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