Biological Sequence Search

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Sagacious IP’s in-depth Biological Sequence Search is designed to unearth even the most hard-to-find sequences hidden deep within a wide array of patent and non-patent literature, making it ideal for Fortune 500s and world-renowned research labs developing antibodies, primers and therapies including peptides/ nucleic acids.

Biological Sequence Search

Algorithm-enabled biological sequence searches that are cost-effective and time-bound

Why Perform Result-Oriented Biological Sequence Search?

  • Get comparative analysis of a newly designed sequence with existing sequences (regions of alignment using BLAST algorithm) that helps in determining if the invention could be an antibody, a GMO, a biomarker, etc.
  • Enable production of artificially engineered/recombinant nucleic acids (DNA, RNA) and proteins (enzymes, hormones, peptides etc.)
  • Before product launch/scaling up – Performing an FTO Search and evaluate issued patents for using sequences of interest and determine that target genes/proteins have been claimed earlier or not.
  • During patent enforceability checks or litigation cases during Infringement, helps in ascertaining that the sequence claimed is known in the prior art or have been developed using the obvious play-around the earlier know sequences.
  • Before licensing/collaborating for an invention
  • During an intermediate or prototype stage of the product
  • Post market-launch competition analysis

Sagacious IPs Biological Sequence Search is beneficial for:

  • R&D companies/research institutes researching new strains, genetically modified foods, drug target discovery, developing antibodies, etc.
  • Universities (Technology Transfer Offices)
  • Individual Inventors
  • Plaintiffs/Defendants in Infringement cases/Law Firms
  • IP Consultants
  • Primary Researchers/Computational Scientists working in Bioinformatics/Dry Lab
Why us?
  • Specialized sequence searchers having in-depth understanding of patent claims claiming biological sequences (as sub-sequences, exact sequences, homology %ages, super sequences, etc).
  • Searchers spent good time defining the query sequence and deciding the databases to search to optimize the costs (especially when many sequences are to be searched) and get the required comprehensive coverage
  • In-house scripts (in R/ MATLAB) that group and filter results from databases like STN, to optimize costs and improve accuracy
  • Further scripts to autocorrect the OCR data for Sequences and do alignment to check the homology %age (very useful in case of FTO searches)
  • Special partnership with for sequence searching.
  • Access to various free and paid databases that aid in specialized and supplemental searches (STN, Orbit, Derwent Innovation, Genomequest) with wide coverage and full text from various jurisdictions.
  • Easy to read reports providing sequence alignment details along with identity percentage and coverage along with the location of the sequence.
  • 100% cost transparency by sharing the actual search transcripts
  • Flexible in using client’s subscription for conducting the searches.

Impact Story

Supported 10,000 Genes Project Commercialize their Gene Sequence Data by Determining Freedom-to-operate for all 10,000 sequences

This was a huge project involving checking freedom-to-operate for 10,000 gene sequences of varying lengths for a not for profit organization. The purpose was to let researchers use this gene sequence data without fearing patent infringement. We developed a partnership with for getting the data and made in-house tools and scripts to optimize the analysis costs.  We successfully completed this project in record time and at record effort.

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